Geon sets a high bar to achieve values that go beyond the drive to produce leading edge signal processing and communication systems. At its core, our business is to energize and to empower our employees to achieve their highest potential, both professionally and personally. Our core values have a relentless focus on the individual.


Geon has a commitment to honest and open communications with our employees and our customers. Concerns from employees at all levels are discussed and taken seriously.


A company has no value if it lacks integrity. Geon strives to uphold all of its agreements from meeting customer deadlines to keeping its employees happy and productive.

Mentoring Environment

Geon takes pride in the mentorship of junior employees. Each junior employee is assigned a senior staff member whom they can ask for advice on matters technical and professional. Geon also regularly conducts informal talks and seminars given by the technical staff on a wide variety of relevant topics in signal processing and software technologies. This provides the opportunity for any employee to learn a new skill set, just for fun or in order to change career paths.

Work Ethic

Geon is made up highly motivated engineers. Our employees are not just ‘seat fillers’ but are active contributors and problem solvers for whomever the customer may be.

Personal Responsibility

Geon is striving to be an independent, employee-driven company.  Everyone is given the knowledge and encouragement to pursue their own ideas to better the company and workplace environment.

Healthy Work/Life Balance

It is our families and loved ones who give us the strength and support we need everyday. Geon maintains a family-friendly environment, ensuring that our employees keep a healthy balance between work and home responsibilities.

Service to the Community

Geon is committed to serve our community. We encourage employees to identify activities and organizations for company sponsorship. We strive to approach everything we do with a servant’s heart.

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