The vision of a company should be expressed in its name. By analogy, Geon describes its core values of integrity and excellence and its commitment to technical distinctiveness.

A “geon” is one of a set of approximately 40 simple 3-dimensional volumes that scientists believe form the basis of visual perception. More simply, a geon is a fundamental shape that, when combined with other geons, forms the basis of all more complex structures.

In that sense, a geon, as well as a Geon employee, has 4 essential properties:

  1. View-invariance – Every Geon employee embodies and exemplifies our core values. Our unwavering integrity and unrelenting excellence can be seen in the success of every employee and the quality of every product.
  2. Stability / Resistance to visual noise – The industry is crowded with technical services and products of varying caliber, making it difficult for a customer to identify the quality and value they expect. Geon’s technical performance and core values make it distinctive amidst the “noise” of the industry.
  3. Invariance to illumination direction, surface markings and texture – Challenging environments and experiences often blur the value and commitments of organizations and people. No matter how casual or how intense the environment, our employees and products continue to bear testimony to our commitment to integrity and excellence.
  4. High distinctiveness – Just as each geon can be readily distinguished from every other geon, each member of the Geon team is highly distinctive from every other. Integrity and excellence do not just happen in an organization, but are assembled from parts that have their own integrity and excellence. Geon began with a vision of gathering men and women of distinctive skill, drive, character, and courage to provide optimal solutions to the industry’s most difficult technical problems.