Property Level Security Using Edges

I work on a project, which is essentially just another recommendation engine. The data behind the engine also needs to be protected on the property level. Neo4j doesn’t natively support property level security so we had to come up with our own implementation of property level security. Requirements Restrict per user the data that is […]


Some Quick History The last time we demoed bringing the B205mini into REDHAWK, it was again using Docker to containerize an environment conducive for a more recent version of UHD. Back then, we were working in different constraints: REDHAWK 2.0.2 CentOS 6.7 64-bit One constraint required the other, and the other required an older version […]

Introduction to Docker-REDHAWK

Introduction Over the past couple of years we have showcased a few demos where we use Docker images and containers to stand up various capabilities, like utilizing the latest version of UHD for our Ettus Research USRP hardware like the B205mini USB3 transceiver. So recently, we decided to revamp the capability to make it even […]

Docker-based REDHAWK Components

Docker-based REDHAWK Components

Introduction One of the things we have been asked many times is how to wrap a REDHAWK Component with some container-based solution like Docker. Such a capability would put the Component into a different runtime environment than the General Purpose Processor (GPP) that was executing it. Now, let your mind wander a bit on what […]