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In our previous part of the series, we used our newly-released Manifests repo to build a Linux file system, with REDHAWK pre-installed, for an emulated ARM target (QEMU). So what about a real ARM target?

In this video, we take you through that process, because it all begins simply enough. We download the meta-xilinx layer, add it to our layer configuration file, and change the MACHINE environment variable to point at the microzed-zynq7 provided by that layer. All too easy…

Along the way, we discover a gotcha. A small oversight in the recipes we just added, coupled with the differences in documentation, might leave us a bit stranded for this target: U-BOOT doesn’t load uEnv.txt files like the documentation implies. But, we have seen this before on a few other Zynq targets, and the post-build fix is straight-forward.