Geon is a technology leader in high performance software defined radio and signal processing solutions. Geon provides optimal high performance programming solutions targeting systems ranging from embedded processors to server class general-purpose processors, and special purpose processors such as graphics processors (GPUs) and digital signal processors (DSPs).

Geon provides proven expertise in hardware architecture design, development and integration. Our hardware engineering expertise ranges from built-in-house FPGA/DSP cards, for embedded hard-real-time solutions, to blade and server farm architectures leveraging the latest in multi-core processing architectures and high performance computing (HPC) technologies.

Geon’s core intellectual capital covers a wide range of modern communication systems and technologies to include:

  • C/ C++/C#, Java, Python Programming
  • FPGA/VHDL Based Signal Processing
  • Signal Analysis
  • SATCOM Systems
  • Wireless and Cellular
  • WiFi and WiMAX
  • Signal Recognition and Emitter ID
  • Spread Spectrum Systems
  • LPI/LPD Waveform Design
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Geolocation Techniques
  • RF Cyber Defense

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