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REDHAWK is a FOSS (free and open source) software-defined radio (SDR) framework designed to support the development, deployment, and management of real-time software radio applications. To support the design and development of software applications, REDHAWK provides tools that allow development and testing of software modules called “Components”. It also allows the composition of Components into “Waveform Applications” that can be seamlessly deployed on a single computer or multiple network-enabled computers. REDHAWK is software designed to run on microprocessors as a microprocessor-only solution or in conjunction with specialized hardware.

Geon Technologies is a technology leader for REDHAWK framework and applications development. Geon engineers have used the REDHAWK SDR framework to create a wide range of signal processing capabilities from large scale multi-rack systems to small scale embedded signal processing platforms.

Geon Technologies Chief Technical Officer Dr. Max Robert is currently the technical lead for the REDHAWK SDR Core Framework development. Dr. Robert is a recognized subject matter expert in the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), the core operating framework for the DoD Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS).

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