In addition to supporting REDHAWK SDR, Geon Technologies also offers a growing variety of training materials and formats.  These formats include free online materials all the way through to custom instructor-led multi-day courses.  

Instructor-led Training

Geon Technologies also offers in-class, instructor-led training courses that cover 1-3 days of material depending on the scope of your team’s needs. Also given our extensive knowledge, we can offer customized topics along with one-on-one sessions. Some topics include:

  • Kick start your understanding in: What is REDHAWK?
  • How to create the basic building blocks of a REDHAWK system
  • How to use the Python Sandbox for more than just debugging
  • How to rapidly transition your IP into REDHAWK (GnuRadio, etc.)
  • How to develop rich HTML5 user interfaces

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Free Online Materials

The YouTube Channel. On our channel you will find a range of topics covered beginning with basic REDHAWK training up through some more advanced topics including example projects. We also occasionally post demos of projects using REDHAWK and examples of device integration.

Also throughout this site one can find our various blog posts related to REDHAWK in a variety of categories. Topics include everything from the most basic fundamental elements expressed in infographics, as seen blow, up through very detailed explanations for how to use event channels to build autonomous system architectures in REDHAWK.

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