Modular Firmware IP Best Practices

Due to long development cycles (and short schedules!), firmware designers often struggle to generate modular intellecutal property (IP) that is reusable between applications. Modularity relies heavily upon parameterization which can be a difficult challenge in firmware design. Instead of a single IDE with an integrated compiler, parameters are scattered across HDL design files, modeling tools (MATLAB/Octave/Python), vendor tools (Vivado/Quartus/Libero), and simulation tools (QuestaSim/Cadence). The modification of these parameters must be synchronized when reusing IP.

Introducing: HAWKEYE

The missing UI kit for REDHAWK Geon Technologies has developed HAWKEYE to serve as a light-weight gateway to deployed REDHAWK systems.  Combined with the HAWKEYE gateway, open-source frameworks and languages such as Node.js and jQuery have been used to create flexible, rich user interfaces served through modern web browsers.  And since the communication is bidirectional, […]