Docker Analog Devices IIO Oscilloscope

Background We’ve posted about the powerful capabilities of Docker before, including topics on standing up a containerized version of REDHAWK SDR and testing a REST-Python server with Docker Compose. In this post, we will walk you through using Docker to build and run Analog Devices’ IIO Oscilloscope. IIO Oscilloscope is a product from Analog Devices, […]

Modular Firmware IP Best Practices

Challenges Due to long development cycles (and short schedules!), firmware designers often struggle to generate modular intellecutal property (IP) that is reusable between applications. Modularity relies heavily upon parameterization which can be a difficult challenge in firmware design. Instead of a single IDE with an integrated compiler, parameters are scattered across HDL design files, modeling […]

Property Level Security Using Edges

I work on a project, which is essentially just another recommendation engine. The data behind the engine also needs to be protected on the property level. Neo4j doesn’t natively support property level security so we had to come up with our own implementation of property level security. Requirements Restrict per user the data that is […]


Some Quick History The last time we demoed bringing the B205mini into REDHAWK, it was again using Docker to containerize an environment conducive for a more recent version of UHD. Back then, we were working in different constraints: REDHAWK 2.0.2 CentOS 6.7 64-bit One constraint required the other, and the other required an older version […]