How To: Python Egg as a REDHAWK Shared Library

This post is a step-by-step guide to creating a REDHAWK Shared Library from a Python Egg. Shared Libraries are package dependencies of REDHAWK Components that enable environment-agnostic deployment to general purpose processors (GPPs). When developing a Python Component, it is common to have a Python package dependency (often installed by a package manager like pip) that you need to deploy as a Shared Library.

Docker-based REDHAWK Components

Docker-based REDHAWK Components

Introduction One of the things we have been asked many times is how to wrap a REDHAWK Component with some container-based solution like Docker. Such a capability would put the Component into a different runtime environment than the General Purpose Processor (GPP) that was executing it. Now, let your mind wander a bit on what […]

Property Kinds: Message

  The previous two videos in this series introduced the three kinds that typically represent internal fields to your Devices and Components: execparam, configure, and allocation.  And with those three kinds we were able to see the dynamic relationships that can be established between hardware and software using REDHAWK’s infrastructure. But what about communicating property […]

Interactive Deployment Guide

One of the most powerful concepts of REDHAWK is its ability to abstract the application layer from the Domain’s resources and underlying infrastructure using Waveforms. Within this concept are several powerful technologies for assisting the efficient use of that infrastructure with little user interaction. As one would expect then, deployment and dependency matching can sometimes […]