Analog Devices FMCOMMS via Yocto

Recently, we developed a capability that combined an Analog Devices FMCOMMS3 dual-transceiver FMC card with a Xilinx ZC706 Development kit and represents that system as a combined REDHAWK FrontEnd Interfaces and Persona Device. The ZC706 is another Xilinx Zynq -based system similar to the more common ZedBoard and ZC702 development kits except that it provides […]

REDHAWK SDR and an Ettus E310

Introduction In this post we’ll cover a little bit of OpenEmbedded (OE) as well as Geon’s progression towards a layer that can be used to build REDHAWK SDR 2.0 embedded platforms based on Axios’ original layer. Our test target is the Ettus Research E310. If you’ve come for the buffet, keep reading. If you just […]