Introduction to Docker-REDHAWK

Introduction Over the past couple of years we have showcased a few demos where we use Docker images and containers to stand up various capabilities, like utilizing the latest version of UHD for our Ettus Research USRP hardware like the B205mini USB3 transceiver. So recently, we decided to revamp the capability to make it even […]

Docker-based REDHAWK Components

Docker-based REDHAWK Components

Introduction One of the things we have been asked many times is how to wrap a REDHAWK Component with some container-based solution like Docker. Such a capability would put the Component into a different runtime environment than the General Purpose Processor (GPP) that was executing it. Now, let your mind wander a bit on what […]

Amazon Echo & REDHAWK

Following up our video demonstrating REDHAWK on the Ettus E310, we’ve decided to create a fun demo utilizing an Amazon Echo to perform command and control of our cognitive radio application. To start, the REDHAWK Test skill was defined using the Alexa Skills Kit. For now, the skill allows users to launch a waveform, set […]

REDHAWK SDR and an Ettus E310

Introduction In this post we’ll cover a little bit of OpenEmbedded (OE) as well as Geon’s progression towards a layer that can be used to build REDHAWK SDR 2.0 embedded platforms based on Axios’ original layer. Our test target is the Ettus Research E310. If you’ve come for the buffet, keep reading. If you just […]