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As promised in the Coming Soon 2017 video post on YouTube, we’re excited this week to kick off a video series that will show how to get started with Meta-REDHAWK-SDR using our newly-released Manifests. This video is the bare-bones of it all. If you can run BitBake for Yocto 2.1 (Krogoth) and install Google Repo, you should be able to produce a bootable filesystem (for an emulator) within a few hours of build time, depending on your computer. By the end of this first session we’ll be able to start nodeBooter with OmniORB and OmniEvents baked right into the file system.

This video and the rest of the video series will be captured in a Yocto/OE Playlist on YouTube as well. So if you’re interested in just this topic, it should be easy to stay up to date as the next few videos are released, which will transition us from changing build targets to technology demos enabled by using Yocto and Meta-REDHAWK-SDR.

But for this week, let’s go for the barebones example: will it nodeBooter?